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Tips for getting the best from coaching

If you're reading this blog post, you're probably already on your journey to investing in yourself to achieve your goals and dreams. And what a fantastic journey it is! Leadership coaching is an incredible tool for personal and professional growth, and I want to make sure you get the absolute most out of it. 

Coaching is an investment of time and money, and you want to be sure you will get the best return on both.

So, let's dive right in and explore how you can ensure you're finding the right coach and get value for your hard-earned money when working with a leadership coach.

Finding the Right Fit 🤝

First things first, finding the perfect coach for you is like discovering a magical unicorn. It's not just about qualifications and experience; it's about the chemistry and connection.

Take the time to research and have introductory sessions with potential coaches. Trust your instincts. You should feel comfortable, understood, and challenged all at once.

Set Clear Goals and Expectations 🎯

Coaching is most effective when you have a clear understanding of what you want to achieve. So, start by setting specific goals for your coaching journey. Where do you want to improve? What challenges do you want to overcome?

Communicate these goals to your coach, and work together to establish a roadmap for your sessions.
I usually share resources to prompt your thinking so that we can get those goals super clear. Knowing where you are going makes it much easier to navigate the journey.

Own of Your Growth 🌱

Your coach is your guide, but the journey is ultimately yours. 

Take ownership of your personal and professional development. Implement what you learn in your coaching sessions into your daily life and work.

This sounds so easy, but however valuable the coaching session is, it is easy for the day-to-day to take over. Schedule time for personal reflection, practice, and implementation of your action plan.

Be Open and Honest 🗣️

Imagine coaching as a safe space to vent, reflect, and grow. To make the most of it, be open and honest about your thoughts, feelings, and struggles. Vulnerability is your superpower in this context. The more you share, the better your coach can guide and support you.

Embrace Feedback 📣

Feedback is crucial for growth. Instead of seeing it as criticism, view it as an opportunity to reflect. Be willing to ask for it, be open-minded and reflect on feedback.

Discuss it with your coach and explore strategies for improvement. Embracing feedback accelerates progress and leads to greater success.

Be Committed and Consistent 🚀

Coaching is a marathon, not a sprint. Consistency is key to long-term growth. Stick to your coaching schedule, do your homework, and stay committed to your goals. Small, consistent efforts can lead to significant transformation over time.

Be Patient with Yourself 🕰️

Change doesn't happen overnight. It's a gradual process, and you might encounter setbacks along the way. That's perfectly normal!  

Be patient with yourself, and remember that growth often involves two steps forward and one step back. Your coach should be a cheerleader and supporter, giving you the confidence to try, but ultimately, it will be for you to shove yourself out of your comfort zone and try new approaches.

That is why I offer my clients support between meetings via WhatsApp or voice notes. If you have a question or want a bit of support send a WhatsApp, and I will get back to you.

Celebrate Your Wins 🥳

Every milestone deserves a celebration! Whether it's a small achievement or a significant breakthrough, acknowledge and reward yourself for your progress. Positive reinforcement can be a powerful motivator.

Communicate with Your Coach 🗨️

Your coach is your partner in this journey. If something isn't working for you or if you have specific needs or concerns, don't hesitate to communicate with them. They're there to support you, and their guidance can be tailored to your preferences.

Reflect and Review📚

Regularly assess your progress and revisit your goals. Are you on track? What have you accomplished? What still needs work? Reflection helps you stay focused and aligned with your objectives. 

I recommend that my clients get an A5 notebook and use it over the coaching programme. Having your reflection and actions in one place makes it easy to look back and see what you have achieved, what you have learned and what you need to do next.

Keep Learning 🌈

Coaching is just one piece of the personal growth puzzle. Continue to invest in yourself and your learning journey. Read books, listen to podcasts, do a course, attend workshops, and seek out new experiences. The more you learn, the better your coaching experience.

Pay It Forward 🤝

Finally, consider sharing your coaching success stories with others. Mentoring or coaching someone else can be a rewarding way to give back and solidify your own learning, as well as inspiring and empowering others.

Remember, the best leadership coaching experience is a partnership between you and your coach. It's a dynamic process that can lead to profound personal and professional growth when approached with dedication and an open spirit. 

So, are you ready to make the most of your leadership coaching experience? 🚀 

If you are interested in working with me, drop me a line here, and we can organise a call to learn more about your needs.

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