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Being a manager nowadays is hard 

The world of work is changing fast. Navigating the remote workplace and getting the best out of your team is more complex than ever.

The old way of doing things doesn't work now

  Stuck in too many meeting
  Not enough time to get everything done
  Your team's expectations have changed

You need new skills to succeed

  Remote makes collaboration tricky
  Communication is less effective
  You know you need  to coach; it's just how to do it well is harder
  Digital tools can help, but what is the best to use when?

Sometimes you feel like you are on your own

  Your team is looking to you for answers
  You are not sure your voice is being heard
  Managing up raises your stress levels
  Work can feel overwhelming

Discover fast, effective courses and resources to succeed in the modern workplace

I help managers who want the best for themselves and their teams, giving them the management, collaboration and leadership skills needed to succeed today. 

The Manager's Roadmap

Be the leader you want to be
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Managers need a new operating system to lead their teams in our complex, less structured work environment.

In this course, you will discover the Manager's Roadmap to help you brilliantly lead your team, organise work for better productivity, and improve teamwork.  It will guide you step by step, helping you get the best results for yourself and your team, and giving you the confidence and know-how to lead in this new world of work.
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Free Resources to help leaders get ahead

Resources to help you lead your team and work better in our complex world. Discover the tips, ideas and essential lessons that will help you thrive as a leader.

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"Pragmatic, interactive learning that develops the essential management and collaboration skills people need to thrive in their workplace."
- Thea Alexander, Founder & CEO, Young Foodies

Meet your guide, Helen Bryant

 I know what it's like to lead a team. It seems like everyone is looking to you for the answers. You know you could be working together better as a team and achieving more, but there seems to be little time, and it can be hard to work out where to start.

I create courses and resources to help managers quickly develop the skills, knowledge and confidence they need to lead in the rapidly changing world of work. As a trainer and coach, I see many people wrestling with these challenges. I know the strategies and skills proven to get better results, increase teamwork, and be the leader everyone wants to work for.

These valuable skills can make a huge difference. I believe that when managers lead well, they create great workplaces and can achieve amazing results for themselves, their teams and their organisations.

- Helen Bryant, Founder, Growthinc

Do you have the skills to lead successfully in today's workplace?

Download this free Manger's Blueprint to see what skills and systems you need to help you thrive in this new world of work.
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